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About Us

Pictured left to right; Dave Hoch, Derek Welch, Steve Anderson

Derek Welch

Derek grew up around cars, his father owned Marin Bavarian in the late 80’s early 90’s. Derek started wrenching and racing at age 16. Starting out on VW’s, then moved to BMW and Porsche doing race car maintenance and repairs. Derek worked around the country for a Grand-Am racing team in mid 2000’s. He worked on BMW exclusively at a local independent repair before opening shop with Dave in 2008.

Dave Hoch

Dave started working with RAB in Marin as a detailer in 1977. He worked at West Bay Bavarian in 1978, first as clean up and detailer, then to apprentice, to journeyman mechanic, to service advisor and finally as service manager. He worked at San Rafael Mitsubishi dealer service manager in 2003. Dave worked at a local BMW independent shop as the Service Manager from 2005 to 2008 before opening shop with Derek in 2008.

Steve Anderson

Steve brings 31 years of dealer experience to Bavarian Performance. He graduated from Arizona Automotive Institute. In his free time, Steve is an avid motorcycle enthusiast, both on and off road. Steve is a Sonoma County native and graduated from Analy High School.